Our Matcha Tea

MYcha Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Tea from Uji, Kyoto

Our matcha is sourced directly from organic tea growers in Uji in Kyoto. The tea produced in this region has a deeper taste and aroma and a more noble colour than the tea produced in any other region of Japan. Tea makers in this region are envied throughout the industry for their ability to produce exceptional teas. But what makes Uji in Kyoto so special?

Terroir and Taste
With its sloping hills, nutrient-rich soil, misty climate, warm days and cool nights; Uji was created to produce the best tasting premium teas. 

It's the Birth Place of Japanese Tea
When the Buddhist monk, Eisai popularised the idea of tea drinking around 1191, farmers began growing tea leaves in Uji in Kyoto. The Japanese tea processing method was also developed by Sohen Nagatani, in the Uji region, around 1738. The same exacting process is still used to craft the finest Japanese teas today. 

The Accumulation of Tea Cultures
Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over one thousand years, so the tea ceremony, the tea ware industry, and the Japanese tea culture all flourished in this region. Over centuries the slow and graceful art of brewing the perfect cup of tea has been perfected by the people there.  

While there are a few prominent regions in Japan that produce matcha such as Nishio or Fukuoka, the region best known for its matcha is Uji, in Kyoto, where for many years the tea was exclusively produced. For generations tea farmers in Uji have grown tea with great care; honing methods, soil quality, and varieties of tea over hundreds of years. 

We import our matcha directly. It's packaged at source, retaining its freshness and the purity of its single origin.