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Our Matcha Tea

Single Origin, Terroir and Taste
Our matcha is sourced directly from organic tea growers in Uji, Kyoto, where the ancient Japanese tradition of green tea began over 1,000 years ago.

With its sloping hills, nutrient-rich soil, misty climate, warm days and cool nights; Uji was created to produce great-tasting premium tea. Like the generations before them, our tea grower works in harmony with the natural landscape to craft our exceptional tea. 

The tea produced in this region has a deeper taste and aroma and a more noble colour than the tea produced in any other region of Japan.

We import our matcha directly. It's packaged at source, retaining its freshness and the purity of its origin.

Authentic & Organic
True matcha tea is of Japanese origin only. The Japanese have exacting standards for the production of matcha, which is why matcha is still Japan’s most expensive tea

Today much of the green tea powder on the market is grown and processed in a manner quite different from true matcha. Inexpensive matcha is often produced cheaply and cut with cheap grades from China and then sold to consumers. 

Our matcha is authentically handcrafted with great care and attention, using traditional methods that have been perfected over centuries, to maintain every drop of precious goodness.

It is also certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan. Grown with only natural organic fertilisers, and no agricultural chemicals or pesticides, to ensure it's bursting with flavour and green goodness. 


MYcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea from Uji, Kyoto