About Best Times to Drink Matcha

You’ve decided to invest in matcha tea, but maybe wondering when is the best time to drink it?

We recommend that matcha is consumed in the morning or early afternoon, due to the caffeine content. Most matcha drinkers drink just 1 or 2 cups a day, read on for a few of the best times to drink it. 

Instead of daily coffee

It isn't necessary to totally swear off coffee and make a complete switch to matcha. Start by simply swapping your morning or afternoon coffee and be amazed by the difference in your day. 

Before a meeting or event

The caffeine in matcha is absorbed by the body at a much slower rate. This means you get a much steadier burst of energy with no spikes, crashes or jitters. It's also rich in L-Theanine, an amino acid that boosts alpha brain wave activity, helping concentration and focus.  

Pre work out

Matcha could be your key to a killer workout. It increases focus, gives you more energy, increases your metabolism, boosts fat burning and is completely natural and organic. Samurai warriors are known to have drunk matcha tea before their battles in order to boost their physical endurance. Channel your inner warrior and go that extra mile! 

Afternoon slump

Your focus and alertness can start to decline around midday. Leaving you feeling sluggish, tired, and often sleepy at your desk. The good news? Matcha tea can increase your energy and productivity thanks to the caffeine and L-Theanine, helping you feel instantly alert, focused and calm. 

Anytime is good for a health boost

Drink anytime for a powerful and healthy mix of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. 

So go ahead, enjoy your matcha.

You can drink it the traditional way or experiment with lattes or smoothies. Just remember that tossing matcha powder into a 1,000-calorie milkshake will not suddenly turn it into a health drink!

The other thing to remember is that matcha is expensive, to make a good quality matcha is a labour intensive process. Unfortunately, there are many companies selling culinary grades as ceremonial. Some that sell cheap Chinese imitation "matcha". We've even seen it in tea bags (it doesn't come in tea bags). If you want to reap matcha's many health benefits, you need to be consuming a good quality matcha powder. One that has been organically grown and traditionally ground in Japan. 

Learn more about matcha tea, its ancient history and many health benefits.


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