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New to the Shop

New to the Shop
Matcha Whisk Holder. Perfect for protecting the quality of your bamboo matcha whisk (chasen).The tool every matcha lover should own, so essential (...

All About Koicha

MYcha Organic Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Koicha
There are two ways of preparing matcha; one is usucha, thin tea and the other one is koicha, thick tea. Koicha is most frequently prepared in the J...

Kick Start Pancake Day

Organic Matcha Pancakes from Meet You Matcha recipe book
An American classic is given a nutritious, Japanese twist in this delicious recipe from Meet Your Matcha by Joanna Farrow.

Why You Should Drink Organic Matcha

MYcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea
Unlike regular tea, matcha powder allows you to consume the entire leaf of the plant, resulting in an increased intake of nutrients, antioxidants a...

Morning Rituals to Start the Day Right

MYcha Matcha Morning Rituals to Start the Day Right
Want to have a day filled with positive momentum and fewer distractions? Here are a few ways successful people start their day.

Matcha Health Benefits

MYcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha
Traditionally in Japanese culture, Monks drank matcha before meditation to increase their mental focus, and Samurais drank it before going into battle because of its energising properties. So, it would seem that they knew of the advantages of this potent green tea powder long before us.

Why Authenticity Matters

MYcha Authentic Japanese Matcha
For us, matcha is a strictly Japanese tea, synonymous with an ancient tea culture that dates back to the 12th century. Green tea powder brands that cost significantly less are probably not true Japanese matcha.

From Kyoto with Love

MYcha Japanese Organic Ceremonial Matcha from Uji, Kyoto
Our matcha is sourced directly from organic tea growers in Uji in Kyoto. The tea produced in this region has a deeper taste and aroma and a more noble colour than the tea produced in any other region of Japan.