Which Matcha Should You Choose?

Not sure which grade of matcha to choose? We've put together this buyer's guide to help you to decide.

Our organic matcha tea comes in different grades, like fine wine, what you pay for is flavour profile. All grades of MYcha are pure and organic matcha green tea powder sourced directly from producers in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. 

So, what is the difference between our organic ceremonial matcha and our organic everyday matcha?

Ceremonial Matcha
This organic matcha is our highest quality tea - mellow, rich and aromatic with subtle hints of sweetness. The best choice for the ceremonial style of drinking matcha. This tea is perfect for a quiet, meditative moment. Allow yourself time to relax and feel re-energised. It is slightly more expensive than our organic everyday matcha, as it's made using the most tender, first harvest, shade grown tea leaves. 

Everyday Matcha
A tea for matcha lovers who want to enjoy matcha’s bold flavour and health benefits every day, this high quality organic tea has a well-rounded, rich taste and only a slight hint of bitterness. Drink the traditional way, with just water, or mix with milk for a latte that can be sweetened to taste. Made using first and second harvest, shade grown teas leaves.

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Which grade of matcha should you choose

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