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Who is drinking matcha? This month we talked with Emma Colsey-Nicholls, mum to two boys, fitness and all round sort your sh*t out coach at, about life and why she can't live without her morning matcha. 

Emma Colsey-Nicholls Matcha Drinker

Talk us through a typical day?

My life is very varied and I love that about it, currently running multiple businesses (fitness training, online mindset coaching and wellness retreats), a husband that is working away a lot, 2 young boys (4 and 8 year olds), 2 dogs, living in a foreign country and in the middle of a house renovation, it's fair to say life is pretty full. I love the variety and the fullness of life but it has meant that I have had to become a little more organised. I'm naturally a very go with the flow type of person and have spent most of my life winging it. But with needing to fit more in, I realised I had to get a little more organised. So one thing I have become very focused on is what I call my 'Morning Magic Routine'. Because if I get my mornings nailed, I can absolutely fit it all in without feeling like I am losing the plot. So my mornings usually start pretty early, at like 5 am most week days. I haven't always been a morning person. but I have always had big dreams, and early mornings are my opportunity to make them happen. They allow me to get really focused, without any distractions because no one else is crazy enough to be up at that time.

I start the day with a big glass of water, swiftly followed by my cup of matcha tea. I would love to say that I meditate every morning, as my days certainly have more spark to them when I do, but the truth is I don't always fit it in. I fire up my computer and, while it's loading, I'll get my journal out and write. Journaling and using a planner have been hugely transformational for me, figuring out my barriers and blocks, it's now one of my non negotiables. I love it because it allows me to feel unstoppable, it's my daily reminder of what's possible when you decide to go for it. After journaling and getting clear on my intentions for the day, I'll time block my day so I know what I'm doing and when. This can be varied from school stuff, getting out and running in the mountains with the dogs, coaching calls with my online clients, personal training sessions, training my fitcamp clients, writing content, blogging or filming videos, admin and prepping for retreats, The list could go on and no days are ever the same. I also try to block off time for my own personal development, I'm super passionate about growing and getting better. Plus, during the winter months, enjoying the outdoors and sliding down the mountain sideways on my snowboard  - it's what we moved here for.

How do you drink your matcha? 

I drink it that traditional way and will generally have one giant cup first thing in the morning.

How has drinking matcha affected you?

I have been a green tea drinker (coffee has never been for me) for many years. I switched to matcha when my mum bought me a tub a few years back and haven't looked back. Not knowing what to do with it, I did have to do a bit of reading up initially. I really enjoy the boost of energy and focus (which is always needed at 5am no matter who you are) I get from drinking matcha and in all honesty, I love that it keeps me regular. Yes, I know! But people in the health world love a bit of poo talk. It's important to have a happy healthy body and regular poop time is a sign that your body is functioning as it's supposed to. Matcha helps me to feel ready for whatever the day brings. 

What are you focusing on right now? 

Right now the big focus is on our house renovation as we have bought an old farmhouse that needs a lot of work, but one day it will be truly amazing. My coaching work is also exploding. I have turned my planning and journaling practices into training, to help more people dig into and work towards creating the life of their dreams. Seeing it have huge benefits to the lives of the people that I work with is just so satisfying, seeing it impact their lives as much as it has my own. Whether they work with me face to face, online, or come and learn during our retreats here in the mountains, the response has been amazing and it inspires me to keep on doing what I am doing.

And finally, because we all love to be inspired, what's the most inspirational quote you have come across?

Rather than an inspirational quote I wanted to share the affirmation that has held the most power on my own personal transformation. I am a natural introvert, I have struggled a lot with self-doubt and never really felt clever enough, pretty enough, popular enough, skinny enough, blah blah blah... The list could go on. Yet, once I started to really believe in myself it changed everything. My business, my relationships, my courage and confidence. I heard this affirmation on a podcast of all things, I can't remember who it was now but it really hit me right in the heart. I started saying it to myself every day. In the morning when I would be putting on my makeup, I'd look myself right in the eyes and say it out loud. The more I started to say it, the more I started to believe it and it then had the power to transform how I would act throughout the day. Now to the point that this, along with the other deep internal work I do, has gotten me to a place where I feel unstoppable. I have realised I actually love the person that I have become and that is a powerful feeling. The mantra is simple, and it is this:

I am loved
I am safe
I am enough

I hope this inspires you, because just imagine what could be possible if you believed that you were enough too.

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Emma drinks ceremonial grade matcha.

Learn more about matcha tea, its ancient history and many health benefits.



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