Meet Your Matcha Drinker

Who is drinking matcha tea? This month, we talked with Bethie Hungerford, American mama in London, singer and blogger of easy meal plans at Hungermama, about life and matcha.

Bethie Hungerford Matcha Drinker

Talk us through a typical day?

I always have so many different projects going that a “typical” day can be difficult to describe. I can say, however, that each day usually begins with helping my son (4) and my daughter (7) out the door. Once the chaos of the morning is over, I then usually take time to tidy the kitchen and do a bit of laundry before getting myself ready for the day. 

I work as a blogger/instagrammer and as a classical musician. I also dabble in event planning and have a few clients I help with their social media... It sometimes feels like I do a bit of everything! Depending on what I have on the schedule that week I usually have an event, or meeting or rehearsal at some point each day, but then also spend a fair bit of time in front of the computer writing, and responding to emails.

How do you drink your matcha? 

I drink coffee in the morning, but I love a big, warming mug of matcha in the afternoon. I put my matcha powder with some coconut (or oat) milk and a dash of honey into my electric milk frother and make a lovely latte. It is my afternoon treat!

How has drinking matcha affected you?

I love having a little kick of caffeine from the matcha. It isn’t too much to make me jittery, but is enough to help me get through the second half of my day. I also love knowing that my afternoon mug of matcha is more than just a tasty treat: it is filled with antioxidants and vitamins. Drinking matcha allows me the smugness of feeling like I am taking care of myself and being healthy, while also feeling completely indulgent!

What are you focusing on right now? 

As I write this, I am currently on a gig in Kansas City, MO! I am here for a week and am singing four different programs of music before heading to the west coast to visit family and friends for a few weeks. (My husband and kids are meeting me in California in a few days!)  Before leaving London last week I was fully immersed in helping my friend Diana (of The Mamahood) get her pop up shop in East Dulwich up and running. There was a lot of organising involved (as you can imagine!) and then I spent every day working in the shop until flying out for this gig. 

In the background of all the activity of the last few weeks, I continue to work on instagram as an “influencer” (I don’t love that term, but there it is). Having worked with small brands in a number of capacities (via Babyccino Kids, Hustle & Fox, and The Mamahood) I always try to use my platform to help others whenever I can. Whether it is raising money for charities, sharing products and websites of small businesses, or helping provide content (like sharing my thoughts for this interview), working with small businesses is something I hope to always get to focus on!

And finally, because we all love to be inspired, what's the most inspirational quote you have come across?

I’m not entirely sure of the original source, but I love the idea that you don’t need to be an exceptional talent or the smartest person in the room to succeed. You just need to be kind, work hard, and then you can succeed on purpose. 

In the same vein, I always tell my kids that there are three things they can do to learn a new skill or improve on a current skill: practice, practice, practice. (So simple, but so true!)

Connect to Bethie on instagram @hungermama or see what she’s about on her website

Bethie drinks ceremonial grade matcha.

Learn more about matcha tea, its ancient history and many health benefits.

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