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Meet Your Matcha Drinker

Who is drinking matcha? We started an interview series to find out. This month, we talked with Gwendi Klisa about life and matcha. Gwen’s a brand and message mentor to small businesses and lives in London, King’s Cross with her husband and three children.

Who is drinking matcha

Talk us through a typical day? 
Mornings are very important to me. I like to wake up before everyone else, sit quietly on our family sofa, drink a latte, and focus on the day ahead. I’m sure other entrepreneurs can relate, but life gets very busy so having this time clears my mind for the day ahead. 

I’m naturally quite ambitious so I always have three big goals on the go, and use my early mornings to reflect on the five main steps needed to achieve those goals, and I prioritise my tasks every morning to make sure I work on the needle movers to achieve my dreams. Having this moment to myself centres me and I try to be totally intentional in everything I do. 

Then, I help my three kids get ready for school, hoping they don’t pop my focus and zen attitude, but of course this happens every morning! 

I’m ready to start work at 8.30am and I help entrepreneurs develop a brand and message that helps them attract like-minded customers into their business. This is an obsession, so I work hard at all times. I tend to overwork and be quite harsh on myself, that’s why I’m always striving for balance. Anything that helps me create a conscious break is welcome, and I encourage my clients to take breaks and celebrate their achievements too. This is something many people deny themselves.

In my life, no day is the same, some days I work on location with my private clients, other days I create content, writing, designing, speaking, doing a photoshoot (I’m big time into flat lays) and I’m planning to record a new season for my youtube channel. Whatever my schedule looks like, I make sure I’ve blocked my time so that I can give each task the focus it deserves without distractions.

I stop work when my kids come back from school to spend the rest of the afternoon with my family, sitting out on our big balcony in the summer and playing indoors in the winter. I’d love to say we wine and dine, cooking together and trying out new meals every evening, but the reality is often more mundane than that. Then the kids might perform a new “show” in the living room.

I spend the nights either reading, studying (I never want to stop learning), chatting on Instagram or - my favourite - spending time with my husband. We live in King’s Cross so there’s plenty chance to explore too.

I’m usually in bed by midnight to be ready for the early morning.

How do you drink your matcha? 
I drink one cup of ceremonial matcha latte a day with one cube of sugar. I’ve started doing this in the transition time of my day, which is in the late afternoons, before the kids return from school. Putting down my work for the day is hard for me, but my matcha is now the trigger for me to switch gears. I’ve already bookmarked your ceramic bowl and whisk set on my wish list. I think the way the matcha is prepared enriches the experience and my matcha break would be perfect if I had the proper kit to enjoy it. 

How has drinking matcha affected you?
I’m the first to admit that a nice packaging draws me in. Coming across your matcha, including the green colour of the tea, the froth and the beautiful pictures, have really swung it for me. I felt it coming for a while and couldn’t resist buying into what I think of as a Japanese feeling. Every thing is just so, intentional and neat, and I appreciate things that help me focus and relax. And having that transitional break in the day is really enhancing my life at the moment.

What are you focusing on right now?
I’m currently enjoying the conversations I’m having with my audience in my new facebook group. It’s called the Love Brand Community - pop over and join us, it’s truly a buzzing and encouraging environment where we can discuss your brand and message helping you turn browsers into customers. I’m also massively into instagram at the moment - so much fun!

And finally, because we all love to be inspired, what's the most inspirational quote you have come across?
As I’m always working on my abundance mindset, it’s got to be “the rising tide lifts all the ships”

Connect to Gwen on instagram @gwendiklisa or see what she’s about on her website gwendiklisa.com.

Gwen buys MYcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha.


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