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How Much Caffeine Is In Matcha?

If you are new to matcha, you may be wondering how much caffeine is in it and whether matcha has a higher caffeine content than coffee.

The great news is that matcha contains approximately 30 mg of caffeine per 1 g serving. Compared to the 70 - 75 mg of caffeine found in a regular cup of coffee. 

With matcha, however, there's a slower absorption of caffeine thanks to a generous dose of L-Theanine. This special amino acid offsets the frenzied effect of caffeine, resulting in a calmer and steady source of energy. So, while one serving of matcha has half the amount of caffeine than coffee, it provides a less jittery, more sustained energy boost – with no crash at the end. 

If you're concerned about drinking too much coffee, making the switch to matcha might be what you need to reduce your caffeine intake. Most people enjoy just one or two cups of matcha per day, greatly reducing their caffeine intake. It's also a simple way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet.

Matcha boasts more antioxidants than berries, leafy greens and nuts. It contains metabolism boosting properties associated with weight loss, plus amino acids that, as well as aiding concentration and focus, can reduce stress.  Learn more about matcha health benefits here

Here's what PR Account Director and founder of Deer Brains, Stephanie Barnes, had to say about her matcha delivery "A few weeks ago I tweeted about having 4 cups of coffee & literally being in such a state of anxiety it was unreal. Lovely Kelly from MYcha sent me some [matcha] and it is incredible and giving me a better boost than coffee ever could".

So if you find yourself feeling a bit like Stephanie, STOP! There's a green alternative and it's awesome. 








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