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Focus of a monk. Energy of a samurai.

Matcha tea contains less caffeine than coffee but is rich in L-Theanine, a rare amino acid, which works with the caffeine to provide a longer lasting energy boost. The L-Theanine also helps you to feel calm, alert and mentally focused. And because our organic matcha is packed with antioxidants too, it’s an easy way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet. Our range of high quality matcha teas have been carefully sourced from the farms of historical Kyoto, Japan. Read the MYcha story


Our Matcha lovers

MYcha ticks all the boxes
Excellent health giving properties and smooth taste
Beats coffee as a wake up drink.

Ellen Chaplin

The best I have tasted. Delicate and refined with an amazing energy boost and great service to boot.

Jon Day

I've tried shop bought and some well known brands matcha before. I can honestly say that this matcha is the best that I have tried. Worth paying a little extra for.

Eliza Victor

Since drinking matcha I have felt in a really contented, ‘can do’ mood. I make it as a latte with oat milk and it’s delicious.

Gemma Southerden

Had my first ever MYcha tea this morning. I'm an instant convert. This stuff is amazing, drove 5 1/2 hours home to Kent and felt good.

Esther Fuller

I'm enjoying my first cup today of MYcha tea. Super smooth, high quality tea.

Emma Colsey-Nicholls

MYcha has completely redefined my morning routine and my bright green frothy ‘Matchachino’ (I like it with a bit of milk) is now a staple. I love the longer lasting, jitter-free kickstart to my day and am now a complete convert.

Francesca Yarde-Buller


Emma Colsey-Nicholls Matcha Drinker

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Bethie Hungerford Matcha Drinker

Meet Your Matcha Drinker

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Which Matcha Grade Should You Choose

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